Sunburned Tinder Date Gets A Creampie Less Than An Hour After We Met

She wouldn't let me pull out

There are times when you can tell a girl has just had enough. I thought that was the case for sure when my Tinder date came walking into the hotel bar. She was sunburned from head to toe. Her auburn hair had highlights from too much sun. Her eyes were a bit bloodshot and she looked…tired.

She informed me that a long day of martinis with her friends at the beach had just ended but that she wasn’t quite ready to go home. She did mention that she’d love to shower, so upstairs we went. She stripped naked while I turned on the TV and came out in less than 10 minutes, looking refreshed and smelling like pure sexy.

Within an hour after we met she begged for my cum inside her. I couldn’t help but oblige.

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